Extended Day Program

Designed with the needs of families in mind, our Extended Day Program provides a safe, affordable and convenient option for working parents. This program allows children to experience a rich diversity of growth activities within a Christian environment. Arts and crafts projects, recreation and snack time are just a few of the activities.
The Extended Day Program meets in the Kennedy Center.

Before school care begins at 7am, and after school care is available until 6pm.

Fee Schedule

7 - 8am
First Child                           Each Sibling
1 day/week     $6.00             1 day/week    $5.00
2 days/week   $12.00           2 days/week  $10.00
3 days/week   $18.00           3 days/week  $15.00
4 days/week   $24.00           4 days/week  $20.00
5 days/week   $30.00           5 days/week  $25.00
Tier I  3:05 - 4:30 pm                                              Tier II  3:05 - 6pm
  First Child                     Each Sibling                             First Child                 Each Sibling
1 day/week    $7.00        1 day/week    $5.00                 1 day/week    $11.00   1 day/week    $7.00
2 days/week  $14.00      2 days/week  $10.00                2 days/week  $22.00    2 days/week  $14.00
3 days/week  $21.00      3 days/week  $15.00                3 days/week  $33.00    3 days/week  $21.00
4 days/week  $28.00      4 days/week  $20.00                4 days/week  $44.00    4 days/week  $28.00
5 days/week  $35.00      5 days/week  $25.00                5 days/week  $55.00    5 days/week  $35.00

Daily Sign In & Out
Parents will need to sign their children in each morning. After school participants will proceed to program room as a group. Children will be signed in by program staff and must be signed out by a parent or adult designated on the enrollment form.

Please notify program staff if your child will not be attending a scheduled afternoon session.

As members of a Christian community, children are expected to respect each other, staff members, program materials, and the program environment. Children are asked to help prepare, serve and clean up at snack time. Each child must abide by the rules of the Extended Day Program.

Late Pick Up
Children must be picked up by 6pm. There is a late fee of $5 per 15 minutes segments assessed for late pick up. This fee is due at the time of pick up.

Play Clothes
Weather permitting, outdoor play will be scheduled. Parents should send appropriate clothing.

A small snack will be provided for all participants of the after school session. Please advise staff if your child has any food allergies.