Mission Statement
Saint Alexander Catholic School and Parish Community are together as One Family dedicated to academic excellence building a foundation of faith, character and dignity grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

St.Alexander School exists as a witness to the educational mission of the Catholic Church.
St.Alexander School strives to meet the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional needs of kindergarten through eighth grade students.

In partnership with parents, children’s primary educators, the school fosters students’ faith, knowledge and responsibility as active members of our Catholic Church and as citizens of our community. The school encourages love and respect where the message of Jesus is experienced through faith education, community worship and service to others. Through their Catholic education students learn to respect and appreciate the cultural and religious differences in society and embrace the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Church.

Our Beliefs
  • That Jesus is the Master Teacher
  • In a distinct identifiable faith environment and curriculum, based upon our Catholic teachings
  • Our school is an instrument for living and spreading the Gospel message
  • In service to family, school, parish, community and the Church
  • The family is the primary educator of the child and works in partnership with the school
  • In respecting the dignity of each individual
  • Children can achieve their God-given potential
  • In striving for excellence
  • In a safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment conducive to learning
  • In the mutual support among school, Parish and Diocese

Values of Catholic Education
Three Justices: God, Humanity and Nature
A Justice is what is owed a thing according to its nature. As Disciples of Jesus, we are all made for God. What do we do to move toward God? The Three Justices: God, Humanity and Nature are the fundamental values set in place for the students, teachers, parents, and the community of Saint Alexander Catholic School.
1. That what is owed to God.
The basic question of, “How can we help students move toward God?” will be answered according to the structure put in place by the faculty of Saint Alexander Catholic School.
Through a methodical plan, deeply rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church, in accordance with the Holy See in Rome, students will be exposed to and guided in literature, activities and an assortment of media that will increase their knowledge and understanding of our faith. By revealing the truths of the Catholic Catechism, students will have the opportunity to explore their own faith and how, as an individual, they can strengthen their relationship with God. Students will be exposed to a variety of events which include but are not limited to:
  • Worship
  • Liturgy
  • Catholic Devotions
  • Piety
  • Marian Study
  • Saint Study
  • Study of Theology
  • Living in adherence to the Ten Commandments
  • Study, understand and exemplify the Beatitudes
“Joy is a gift from God. It fills us from within. It is like an anointing of the Spirit. And this joy is the certainty that Jesus is with us and with the Father.” ~ Pope Francis May 10, 2013 Homily

2. That what is owed to our Humanity (fellow man or woman).
How can we help students give more to other people?
In conjunction with the Justice of God, the students at Saint Alexander Catholic School will be exposed to Catholic Social Teachings for the less fortunate, most vulnerable, and the Catholic teachings on Respect for Life. Students will have opportunities to actively participate in programs and projects to develop and expand their discipleship in union with the teachings of Jesus and the Beatitudes.
The structure in place for students to give back to the community and promote human dignity includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Discipleship Projects
    • Feed My Starving Children
    • Create Get Well cards for parishioners that will be delivered by homebound Eucharistic Ministers
    • Holiday food and clothing drives
    • Perform yard work for Seniors in Villa Park
    • Create cards for Veterans at Hines Hospital on a rotating basis at each grade level
    • Participate in a school Run-A-Thon for a charity
    • Second and Eighth grade students will support each other during the school year in preparation for their Sacraments
    • Honor Police and Fire personnel in Villa Park
Correct Behaviours
  • Role Model for students in dress, manners and demeanor
  • Common Courteous behavior program for students

“We need to bring the Gospel of life to the heart of every man and woman and to make it penetrate every part of society.” ~ Pope John Paul II Evangelium Vitae

3. That what is owed to Nature.
How can we help students give what is owed to our environment?
Integrating our structures with the values for God and Humanity, students of Saint Alexander Catholic School will have opportunities presented to them on how to respect the environment as a means of working on our salvation. Long before today’s environmental movement, the Bible and Tradition of the Catholic Church taught us to be stewards of God’s creation with love and wisdom.
It is with this philosophy the faculty has set up the following structures:
  • Classrooms doors display information about the Saint of the Month
  • School furniture and lockers are safe and age appropriate for the students
  • Students are expected to keep their locker and locker area in a neat and orderly manner
  • Increase Recycling Program at school: secure a company that will help students and faculty accomplish this goal
  • Create and participate in an Anti-Littering Campaign
  • Increase Waste Free Lunches
  • Incorporate activities and teachings presented from the Saint Kateri Tekawitha Conservation Center
"Our earth speaks to us, and we must listen if we want to survive" - Pope Benedict XVI, July 24, 2007