Parent Involvement

St. Alexander Catholic School Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is an important part of school success. When parents share their time and talents for the benefit of the students and school, everybody wins. There are many opportunities for our parents to be involved at St. Alexander School. Parent participation is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Anyone who volunteers with the students, must follow the rules established by the Diocese of Joliet before they can volunteer in any capacity. Parents must attend a Protecting God’s Children class, submit a background check, complete a DCFS form and read and sign a Pastoral Acknowledgment before they can volunteer. We help all parents with the class schedule and forms to meet this requirement.

Want to get involved? Contact one of the committee heads listed below or contact the school office for more information.

School Board
A parochial school board is a body whose members are:
—Selected to participate in decision-making in specific and designated areas of responsibility.

A parish school is part of the educational mission of the parish for which the pastor is the canonical administator. He delegates, according to diocesan policy, administrative responsibilities to the school principal, who is accountable to him.
—In the Diocese of Joliet, school boards are Consultative in nature.

A consultative board operates in the policy-making process by formulating and adopting, but never enacting policy.

What the School Board is not:
—The parochial school board does not act as grievance committee.
—It does not hire, evaluate, or terminate faculty members.
—The board does not administer the school. It does not tell the principal how to administer the school; rather it gives direction through policy.
—The board does not regulate the instructional program or involve itself in matters of curriculum.

Each school board member acts as a liason to another committee include Marketing, Fundraising, Athletics Association, Parents’ Association, Publicity, and the Alumni Association. Together, representatives from each of these committees work together to help each other explore opportunities and ideas to grow our school. The future of our school is of utmost importance to the entire St. Alexander School Family. Those on the School Board closely examine opportunities to grow and enhance our wonderful school.

2013-2014 School Board Memebers
President - Matt Walus
Secretary -
Liaison (One Family Council) - Nikki Hildreth
Liaison (Small cluster school board group) -
Liaison (Athletic Association) - Matt Schmit
Jennifer Evenson
Jason Orlando

Questions? Contact the office at 630.834.3787

Parents Association
The Parents Association is an organization to support St. Alexander School and the students. The objectives of the Parents Assocation are: to facilitate communication and cooperation among the school families and the parish at large; to cooperate with the school in encouraging the spiritual, mental, physical, social, and educational growth of the child; to encourage more involvement of parent/guardians in supporting their children in school and school-sponsored activities; and to offer quality programs to parents/guardians in the school, the parish, and the community which will stimulate their growth and understanding of parenting and the role played by a good Catholic education.
Questions? Contact Jackie Danielson.

Athletic Association
Athletic Association is an organization which works and supports athletic-related activities of St. Alexander School for the benefit of the students, the school, and the community.
Questions? Contact Jim Danielson

Marketing our school has become an important part of school business. This committee is charged with marketing our school in the community at large. Promoting open houses, including Catholic Schools Week, and planning activities to keep the school visible and in positive regard, are some of the important responsibilities of this committee. In addition, the Marketing committee handles publicity to facilitate a continual flow of information to our local newspapers about all the wonderful things happening at the school.
Questions? Contact the office at 630.834.3787

Fundraisers are an important part of our school budget. They help pay for many of our school activities and social functions throughout the year. More importantly, they pay for a large portion of needed school supplies, computers and other school items that our faculty and students use. This committee looks at all the fundraising ideas and helps determine which ones the school should support.
Questions? Contact the office at 630.834.3787

Alumni Association
Our alumni are an important part of our 85 year legacy of excellence. Our Alumni Association is working diligently to reconnect with former students.
Questions? Contact the office at 630.834.3787