Philosophy of Education

I believe in establishing an atmosphere in the classroom that is motivating to the students. I want my students to enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching them. I want to enliven my students by bringing their interests from the outside world in to the classroom. The lessons adjust to the students’ needs. By using a variety of strategies, I drive to challenge them in all areas throughout the school year. Using additional approaches can help students at different levels in the classroom. I believe that group work is actively engaged in the learning process. It encourages positive interaction and self-motivation among one another in the classroom. I also encourage parent and teacher communication to help the child succeed in their education. It is important for me to be active in my professional career. I want my classroom to be beneficial to my students and their education. It is very important to teach students how to use technology and to engage outside sources such as the Internet, media, reading articles and books to motivate students. One of the most important things to do is incorporate what is being taught in the classroom and relating it to everyday life experiences. Our students need to be taught how to be good followers of God, how to be kind to one another, and the importance of making good choices throughout their lives